Boat fishing on our stretch at Le Temple-sur-Lot:

The main river; Le Lot is 488 kilometers and rises in the Central massif. The wooded banks of the River Lot provide a picturesque view of medieval mountain villages and lush vineyards, interspersed with rugged cliffs that make you feel almost in the wilderness. The river is a unique location for a boat fishing holiday in France. Each stretch has its own charm. Deep shafts, high rock walls interspersed with rolling hills and many stretches connected by locks and barrages that make it really a great adventure! The Lot finally ends in the Garonne. In between there are countless stretches with one of the last Le Temple-sur-Lot!

It is a stretch with a very diverse character. At the beginning at Villeneuve it is quite shallow with beautiful fields and high walls. If you go down more towards the barrage of Castelmoron, the river becomes large, wide and deeper. You can literally go anywhere. There are also large beds of water hyacinth, for example. At the edge of these beds you can fish perfectly and at night you hear a lot of activity from the underwater life.

We have already mapped our stretch well, and many beautiful fish have already come out! This year, several commons and mirrors over 20 kilo and 1 full scale of over 25 kilo caught! You will also find various picturesque villages on this stretch where you can get fresh bread and do your shopping. Showering can be done at our base, in the garden..

We are the only boat rental company to take boats to the higher stretches of the Lot!

We take you and your fishing buddy with the boat to any other higher-lying stretch and pick you up again. In advance, we can provide information about the current conditions, where you can go shopping and if we need to take extra petrol for that week. We have found safe parking places at various villages where we can meet. Also here we have customers who have already caught a lot of fish this year. In addition, several 20 kilo fish and countless other beautiful wild river fish have been caught from our boats on the higher stretches!

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Tips & Tricks!

Good to know!

Current and water temperature

An example of unexpected circumstances: We fished in the spring of 2014 on a dam with a large depth course and relatively few shallow parts. So we had to search! As the air temperature rose significantly…... did the water temperature drop? After a period without rain, the current began to increase? Obstacles that move underwater? So im sure you may come up with countless questions that I could help you with!

Approach: Swim hopping? - Massive prebaiting? - Instant?

Do you fish for the first time on the Lot or do you have a new dam in mind? Spread your chances. Make several spots! If you get action somewhere, you can fine-tune your plan again. We can also help with this. We can prebait already 2 spots for example, so you have 2 days ahead!

The stretches of the Lot

As mentioned before, the stretches are very diverse. The higher stretches are smaller, shallower and clearer. The bottom is often made of stone with some soft spots where sediment is located. On these stretches you will often encounter more weed than the lower stretches. The flow has more influence there and the water temperature fluctuates a little more. The lower ones are larger but also have a larger stock of carp. The current has less influence and can be fished almost all year round. What makes it so interesting: You can catch your 'river monster' everywhere on the Lot!


The Lot has a mega catfish in the lower weirs. With us in Le Temple-sur-Lot, we fish for catfish the same way we do for carp. Specimens above 2.00 meters are no exception. You can fish for catfish from the boat. In the morning you are the first on the most interesting sites because you’ve spent the night in a luxury equipped fishing boat. The rods with rod locks allow you to secure the boat and place the rods in the appropriate supports. We also have heavy anchors with winches to position the boat on the deep outer curves of the river!

Most fishermen work during the day with quack wood and clone teasers to work with a good bunch of worms, thick shads are also used in this form of active catfish. Furthermore, you can also from the dinghy with a live bait fish close to the underwater obstacles drifting hoping for a hard bite. During the day there are of course plenty of opportunities to hunt pike or blackbass!

Night fishing with a live or dead bait fish is forbidden, just like in the whole of France. The nice thing is fishing for catfish with plastic bait during the nights or live bait during the day. It will surprise you how much action you can get during the day! For a real 2 meter catfish run, you can view the Lotexperience 3!

boat fishing on catfish
catfish fishing holiday
Karpervissen aan de Lot