Boat fishing on the River Lot

Always dreamed of boatcarping on one of the most brutal rivers in France? This is your chance! The river Lot offers all possibilities. Here you come across all circumstances and not one week is the same. We can put the boats on all the stretches of the Lot, we are very flexible because of our large trailer. For more information look on our other pages. We offer different packages and you can put together all your options you want. Let us know!

Would you prefer to rent a holiday home in 2020 instead of a boat? Thats possible! We have a unique holiday home with a private swimming pool and aluminum boat located directly on the River Lot. Ideal for fishermen who just want a bit more luxury or maybe after renting a boat also want to stay in a house with their family. Put your stretcher on the boat and go fishing for the night and during the day you can relax by the pool overlooking the river. Ideal for families and friends. See our website for more information.

My passion is boat fishing and fishing on large, public waters. In the last 15 years I spent a lot of my free time in France. A year ago I made a decision with my friend Kiek and now we live at the Lot in Le Temple-sur-Lot!

At the beginning of 2018 we started our adventure and have already received many guests. Unlimited possibilities for everyone. In Le Temple-sur-Lot we offer several packages. We rent 4 fully equipped carp boats so that everyone can fish on the Lot. On this wide and long stretchs of the River Lot there is little current that allows you to fish all year round. Barrages make it possible to go to other parts. The higher places are Luzech, Cahors, Bouzies, Saint Cirq Lapopie and even further up. A boat session on another stretch can be arranged, the boat will be put on the trailer! Do you immediately want to get a good impression of river fishing on the Lot? Then click this link and watch the video.

Carpfishing on the Lot

Carpfishing on the Lot, in the stretches split up by locks, is very diverse. There is a large population of carp on the larger and more challenging stretches. This is due to the natural growth and here you can expect many carps from over the meter. Brute long scales that have a mega force. A few years ago, many mirrors were released here that are now heading towards the 30 pounds. On the smaller stretches you can expect a bit more mirrors on some parts because they have been released off a bit longer. Here the carp population smaller, but due to the much prebating and pressure, there are more outliers here! Every time during boatfishing you will be amazed by the hard runs and mega drills! Carps above 40, 50 and with the exception of 60 pounds swimming in almost all dams! You can catch your pr on every stretch.