My passion is carpfishing on a boat and fishing on large, public waters. In the last 15 years I spent a lot of my free time in France. A year ago I made the decision with my girlfriend and now we live at the Lot in Le Temple-sur-Lot!

In 2018, Soul of the Lot and LOT-EXPERIENCE are working together. Unlimited possibilities. In Le Temple-sur-Lot we offer different packages. We rent 2 fully equipped carp boats so that boat fishing on the Lot is possible for everyone. On this wide and long barrage of the Lot river there is little current that allows you to fish all year! Barrages make it possible to go to other parts of the Lot. The higher places are Puy l'Eveque, Cahors, Luzech, Bouzies and Saint Cirq Lapopie. A boat session on another dam can be arranged! We have a big trailer to drive you there.

Carps of the Lot

The carp-population is very large in the Lot. The dams, split up by locks, are very diverse and so is the carp-population. You also can find catfish and not the smallest ones! Some dams are filled with many fish between the 20-40 pounds. The nice part is that you can catch a big one on every dam! Every time you will be surprised by the hard runs and mega drills! Carps over 40, 50 pounds and 60 pounds are no exeption.