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Roeland & Billy NL

A great adventure

We have had a fantastic time thanks to Wouter and Kiek. Although we have fished the Lot from the shore before, the experience and adventure of pioneers on a boat is of a completely different order. The most beautiful places abound and knowing that you can catch impressive (and extremely strong) fish is only half the fun. Enjoying the beautiful nature and not meeting anyone is (almost ;-) just as important. Wouter facilitated us in a pleasant way. He does not impose himself, lets you experience it yourself, but is always ready for you. Bringing fresh bread to your site, arranging lockkeeper, shopping, feeding cuttings, he arranges it. The boat was great, slept well and cooked, fully equipped. In addition, Wouter is a skilled fisherman with whom you can share your experiences. We have also caught well, 24 carp of which 15 20ers and 4 30tigers (scales and mirrors) in less than a week. The thirties in particular effortlessly tear dozens of meters of braided lines (25 kilos of pulling power with 60/00 strokes!) From your coil and drive the adrenaline through your body! Also caught bass, barbels and chubs. In short, if you have a passion for carp fishing, this is the answer!

Davey & Richard Gans – ‘’ The Gooses ‘’ NL

After we (my father and I) received a delicious cold beer from Wouter and Kiek at their home it was time to provide the fully cleaned and equipped boat with our gear at a snail pace. The relaxed atmosphere was wonderful and my dad and I felt very comfortable in the yard of Wouter and Kiek. That is always very nice.   The flexibility of Wouter and Kiek is really good. Wouter spent 2 hours without difficulty going to St. Cirq lapopie

because we wanted to switch stretch! So he launch the boat through the most difficult paths. And that on his "free Sunday". Wouter understood better than anyone what we wanted (we wanted rock walls and big carp!) Because if something is in your head, it has to happen, that's why he immediately was there to meet our wishes.   Normally I feel very agitated when I ask something from someone. But with Wouter, I did not have this, he said in a relaxed way that it was not a problem and that he understood it all completely. That is wonderful. Because of this we enjoyed the adventure even more and the beautiful fish that we catched.   Also the boat was perfect, and the dinghy that was there was equipped with a strong and reliable minn kota engine. You definitely need this on the river. We could continuously charge everything, telephones, cameras etc.   It was a perfect week!

Bob & Peter NL

Super fishing holiday on a beautiful stretch of river. The boat was perfect to catch the fish and experience the other elements of the river. Wonderful experience that will not be the last time for me.

Chapeau Wouter and Kiek!

John & Kay NL

My best experience in 30 years of carp fishing on the river. The passion and pleasure that Wouter and Kiek exude are overwhelming. everything is arranged down to the last detail.

The boats are incredible and the river is great. The one stretch even more beautiful than the other ons. A true paradise for the carp angler.

There is so much more to discover. This river has not yet given away it's secrets. Who knows, maybe you are the one who reveals it.

Noa & Ingmar NL

We visit Lot Experience at the Lot last summer. We had fished quite a bit from the boat in the Netherlands but the landscape and the surroundings of the Lot are breathtaking and can not be compared to the fish around Amsterdam. Lot Experience is definitely recommended.

Wouter ensures that you are completely satisfied during your session and get the maximum out of the week!

See you next summer!!

Stefan & Joey NL

It was one great adventure with super nice complete boats including everything you need. Wouter and kiek give you good tips. We were on a higher stretch were they helped us down to the last detail!

Be able to catch some nice fish also and that made the whole experience complete!

Jan & Jakob DE

Super nice and helpfull hosts with helpful tips.

The Lot is a very interesting and beautiful water with infinitely many fantastic spots. The boats are also super equipped and offer everything your heart desires.

After a week on site we can absolutely recommend lot experience and will definitely come back again.