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Current and water temperature

An example of unexpected circumstances: We fished in the spring of 2014 on a dam with a large depth course and relatively few shallow parts. So we had to search! As the air temperature rise significantly, did the water temperature drop ...? After a period without rain, the current began to increase? Obstacles that move underwater? So you can come up with countless questions that I could help you with!

Approach: Swim hopping? - Large prebaiting? - Instant?

Do you fish for the first time on the Lot or do you have a new dam in mind? Spread your changes. Make several spots! If you get action somewhere, you can fine-tune your plan again. We can also help with this. We can prebait already 2 spots for example, so you have 2 days ahead!

The dams

As mentioned before, the dams are very diverse. The higher dam are smaller, shallower and clearer. The bottom is often made of stone with some soft spots where sediment is located. On these dams you will often encounter more weeds than the lower dams. The flow has more influence there and the water temperature fluctuates a little more. The lower dams are larger and also have a larger stock of carp. The current has less influence and can be fished almost all year round. What makes it so interesting is that the change of a 'river monster' everywhere on the Lot!