The Lot has a mega catfish in the lower weirs. With us in Le Temple-sur-Lot, fishing is done on catfish, just like on carp. Copies above 2.00 meters are no exception. You can fish for catfish from the boat. In the morning you are the first on the most interesting sites because you spend the night in a luxury equipped fishing boat. The rods with wokkels allow you to secure the boat and place the rods in the appropriate supports. We also have heavy anchors with winches to position the boat on the deep outer curves of the river!

Most fishermen work during the day with quack wood and clone teasers to work with a good bunch of worms, thick shads are also used in this form of active catfish. Furthermore, you can also from the dinghy with a live bait fish close to the underwater obstacles drifting hoping for a hard bite. During the day there are of course plenty of opportunities to hunt pike or blackbass!

At night, fishing with a live or dead bait fish is forbidden, just like in the whole of France, and then you can use pellets in the '' carp way '' These are some nice ones, only if you know what is swimming around there is still as much as possible. For a real 2 meters plus meervaldril you can view the Lotexperience 3!

boat fishing on catfish
catfish fishing holiday
Karpervissen aan de Lot
catfish fishing france