Lot Experience = Wouter & Kiek

My name is Wouter Koziolek and I fish fanatically on carp all my life. We probably have that in common! My passion lies in boat fishing and fishing on large, public waters. It all started on the Nieuwkoop lakes in Holland. From the age of 15 I was lucky that I had a boat at my disposal. I was on the water throughout the year. Pike, whitefish, eel and later seriously fishing on carp. In my small cabin sailboat I had 2 buzzer bars mounted on the edge of the mirror and with wooden stick rods I could go where ever I wanted. Boat fishing has been in the blood since childhood. It is wonderful that we can now fulfill our dream together at the Lot in the village of Le Temple sur Lot.

When I met Wouter, I had no idea what carp fishing was and that you would go all the way to France for that:) We have a special story, got in touch true Tinder and had our first date on Lake Salagou. Where I even caught a big fish and kept the biggest, Wouter! I find it special to see what a passion everyone has for fishing and that it has also given us the opportunity to quit our current 'busy' life in Amsterdam and get started here. Slowly Wouter learns me all the tricks and I accompany Wouter on all the wonderfull trips along the Lot and other lakes. The outdoor life is wonderful and to see all those happy guest only motivates me to make it a succes here!

We fell in love with the Lot because of the special and diverse environment with lots of nature and characteristic French villages. If you sail along the river you will see a lot off beautiful village and views. Because of the experience gained in the different seasons and stretches and because we live at the Lot ourselves, we can inform everyone at any time about the current circumstances!